Custom live charts for Bitcoin, Altcoins, Stocks and Precious metals: NYSE, Dow Jones, SPX, Gold, Silver, Telsa, Amazon, Chainlink and more more!

About Shareable Charts

Charts play out live on all devices.

Whether you are on a mobile phone, tablet or desktop, these charts play out live. You do not need a trading view account to view these charts.

If on a mobile device, touch prices on right side and drag up and down to zoom in and out, use 2 fingers over chart to scale, and 1 finger to pan around. If on desktop, use left mouse click over prices to zoom, scroll wheel over chart to scale and left click to pan around.

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These charts are for swing trading. Know when to short and long! when to buy and sell. I took the time to find the direction of price so your support and resistance levels are already mapped out. I charts for stocks charts, cryptocurrency and forex. I also have tutorials teaching you this method of charting I came up with so you can create charts like I do.

When you signup you get access to our discord and my private twitter account. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

You can save my charts as your own!

Because my charts are shareable you can save these charts as your own. Just click the COPY icon top right and choose “save copy as your own”.

If you have a free trading view account they only allow for 1 saved chart at time. If you want to save my chart as your own you will need to delete your current chart, then you can save mine as your own chart. If you do not want to delete your current chart you will need to create a second free trading view account to save mine or upgrade to pro.